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LINDNER Anti-Tick Kneelength Sock

LINDNER Anti-Tick Kneelength Sock
LINDNER Anti-Tick Kneelength Sock LINDNER Anti-Tick Kneelength Sock LINDNER Anti-Tick Kneelength Sock LINDNER Anti-Tick Kneelength Sock

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LINDNER Anti-Tick Sock
Too late we learn best, the best doctor is prevention. Under this motto, the Thuringian Institute of Textile Research Association TITK and LINDNER developed a novel anti-tick sock.

The advantage over older models is the inclusion of the active ingredient permethrin in a lyocell fiber and the use of the plating technique for the cellulose in hosiery production. It shows the active substance-containing yarn according to the outside, the wearer facing side is free of active substance. For the preparation of the sole the LINDNER silver thread is used, which fights in addition to natural manner the development of bacteria and fungi. Thus prevents the formation of odor and creates a pleasant feeling of freshness.

The sock contains the force developed by the TITK, produced by the OMPG lyocell fiber function Cell Solution TM protection (Reg. No. N-48783). Information on the efficacy, see the product flyer OMPG + Hazardous Material 
Produktflyer der OMPG. Gefahrstoff-Informationen


All LINDNER stockings have a hand-linked toe and a soft waistband and thus generate no pressure points. The products subject to product testing in our Quality Management System. Should you have any complaints about our product, we ask you to contact your dealer or us.

Quantity: 1 Pair


70 % Cotton (Silver integrated), 18 % Polyamide, 10 % Lyocell (Insecticide integrated),
2 % Elastane


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