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LINDNER Ccl 3 Ulcus cruris - Compression Stocking System

LINDNER Ccl 3 Ulcus cruris - Compression Stocking System
LINDNER Ccl 3 Ulcus cruris - Compression Stocking System LINDNER Ccl 3 Ulcus cruris - Compression Stocking System

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LINDNER Ccl 3 Ulcus cruris
This compression system
of LINDNER is a part of the treatment of lymphedema and venous ulcers, venous insufficiency and varicose veins (varicose veins). It consists of the LINDNER thrombosis stocking with a supporting force of 10 - 12 mmHg and the open at the top LINDNER compression stocking with a compression of 23-32 mmHg (Ccl 2). Since adding the compression forces, this corresponds to compression of the compression system with Class 3 (34 - 46 mmHg). The advantage lies in the ease of putting the individual stockings compared to a stocking in Class 3

For the production special yarns are used to reduce odors and the risk of allergies in the compression stocking. The compression profile of both products is controlled electronically during the production, thus in the treatment of a correct static pressure is ensured.
The seamless LINDNER compression stocking are breathable and are recommended for daily use. All materials used are certified to Oeko-Tex Standard.
Support and compression stockings are not worn throw in arterial diseases (hypertension, smoking leg). But the doctor decides whether a support or compression stockings should be worn, and must.

Size Chart

Peripheral measuring points Size S Size M Size L Size XL
cB  in cm 18 - 21 21 - 24  24 - 27  27 - 30
cD  in cm 29 - 35 34 - 41 40 - 47  46 - 54
Shoe size open toe
Length lD in cm 40 42  44 46


: 2 Pair

1. Liner: 80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane
2. Compression stocking Ccl 2: 70% Polyamide (Silver integrated), 30% Elastane
1. + 2.: Compression: Ccl 3 (34-46mmHg), German medical device class 1

LYCRA® is a brand of INVISTA.

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